Healing Testimony

My next-door neighbors previously asked me to pray and minister a lady, who is part of their family, she suffers from breast and bone cancer. I went there and I started interviewing her, John Wimber style, as I usually do.

Then we took the time to identify some type of boundaries, in this case, lack of forgiveness towards her mother, who rejected her as a child and abandoned her leaving her to her grandmother’s care. In this case, I used the Healing Room style of ministry.

We prayed and directed my prayer according to the information I had and to what the Spirit of God told me. After ministry time of forgiveness and deliverance, she gave all her own care to the Father. At the end, she could say, I feel better, like the backpack she was carrying is gone.

About three weeks later my neighbor approached me and said, Micky, I want to tell you that a few days ago my sister-in-law was examined and there is no cancer, it’s gone. My immediate response was Praise the Lord!

Once I was alone, the Spirit of God reminded me through this testimony, that this is the third woman who has been healed of breast cancer through the Holy Spirit in my ministry. As I said before, all the glory is for our God.

By Micky Gonzalez