Inheritance That is Worth

APRIL 13, 2019  I had a trip out of Santiago, this time my son, Israel, accompanied me, who little by little continues to learn how to minister people.
It was an awesome time of ministry and worship, as these young leaders and pastors of the new Arbol de Vida Church have a lot of passion for God and His word.

I spent about three hours teaching and ministering them, giving them prophetic and healing words, that at one point I got tired, at that moment Israel began to pray for some of them, among these was the young pastor’s wife. Israel prays and says “God bless your womb, prepare to receive new life.” I had also received the same word, this was a confirmation. Then Israel talks to the pastor and says, “You’re going to be a dad.” The pastor responds, “We have been praying for a long time because we can not get pregnant,” but Amen! I believe in what God has put in you.

Last week, this young pastor called me on the phone and said: “Please, give my message to your son, my wife is pregnant !!” Hallelujah I said, God is faithful!
Israel did not tell him everything he saw, because the Spirit of God also revealed to him the sex of the baby and the name that they shall call.