Melody Weaver at Miracle Mountain Ranch

Melody Weaver at Miracle Mountain Ranch

Melody Weaver is currently serving at Miracle Mountain Ranch in northwestern PA (Spring Creek). They offer retreats, events, summer camps, and more. While they are most known for their summer horse camp activities, they offer many opportunities for children and teens to connect with both God and the beautiful nature that He created.

Hello family and friends! I hope that this letter finds you all doing well. As I’m sure you can imagine lots has happened since my last newsletter! Fall, winter, and spring have all come and gone and summer is barreling towards a close too! It’s been a busy and growing yearbeing on staff here at Miracle Mountain Ranch.

Fall-As many of you may remember, last fall was when I graduated the School of Discipleship and decided to stay on as staff in the programming department. In programming we schedule, plan, and facilitate activities for most of the retreats and events that go on here. Last fall I found myself definitely in a transitioning time from student life and schedule to joining staff and taking on the different responsibilities that it includes.

Fall was also busy with welcoming a new class of students, hosting horse retreats, our annual harvest party, ladies retreat, and doing outside work projects before the winter’s snow and cold set in.

Winter and Spring. While it was cold again this winter, and Lake Erie provided us with a good amount of snow, there was a time that my family back home actually got more snow then us! During the winter we hosted a few retreats for church groups, had our winter camps and SALT (for which Philip, my brother, got to come up and join us). Meanwhile, training and classes continued for our students. My job also includes a lot of the paperwork end of things, while it was cold outside, I was warm inside getting paperwork updated for the summer staff applicants. I also was able to do some traveling home for holidays and my oldest brother’s wedding.

Next thing we knew our summer staff started to arrive and we began staff training!

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